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Rationale Research is founded on the idea that great research is achieved through collaboration. We collect and publish stock market research reports submitted by our users. In turn, our users get to publicize their equity investment ideas and receive feedback on their investment thesis.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

About Rationale Research

Welcome to Rationale Research. Providing stock research from people taking stock market risk.

How it works
We are founded on the theory that the research is collaberative. We wanted to give investors, both professional and personal, the opportunity to present their investment ideas and recieve feedback. We therefore ask investors to submit their investment thesis for stocks in which they have a position.

Isn’t that biased?
Absolutely. Its biased in so far as the people writing our reports have a position in the stock, and therefore have a vested interest in how the stock moves. However our authors also have their money where their mouths are. Our authors are telling you what they’ve invested in and why.

Contrast this with brokerage house research, where the brokerage firm stands to gain from investment banking relationships with various companies. Therefore it may be in a firm’s best interests to tout a stock regardless of their actual opinion. On this website, investors are going to be giving their honest opinion about why a stock is likely to rise or fall.

Why should I submit a report?
There are many reasons to submit a report to Rationale Research. Here are three.

Get feedback on your ideas
Readers of Rationale Research will have the opportunity to comment on research reports submitted. This will give report authors invaluable feedback on their investment ideas.

Present your investment thesis
Have a good idea on a stock? Think the rest of the world is missing something? Rationale Research gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion to an audience of readers looking for investment ideas.

Publicize your firm’s research capabilities
If the author so-chooses, research reports submitted can include the name of the author’s firm and/or a link to the firm’s website. This could be a means of showing off the quality of your firm’s research.

How do I submit a report?
Click here for details on our report submission guidelines.

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